What is the Carol Lloyd Award?

The Carol Lloyd Award is presented to an emerging female identifying singer-songwriter, who is currently residing in Queensland. The prize includes a $15,000 grant to either record a full length album or record and tour an EP.The award gives recipients a head start in their career, the means to broaden their experience within the music industry, and helps them to realise their goals as an emerging artist.

What classifies an artist as ‘emerging’?

This is a word that seems to have an ever-changing definition. In the case of this award we are classifying an emerging artist as an artist who currently has master and publishing rights available. We also ask in your vision statement that you explain how this award will be transformative and impactful for you in your advancement as an artist.

I’m in a duo/trio/band – can we all apply?

The Carol Lloyd award is for one emerging female singer songwriter. Your project may include other contributors in which you must provide relevant collaboration details in your application.

I am a Trans woman – can I apply?

Yes, we accept applications from all female-identifying applicants.

My project expenditure is more than $15,000.00 – what do I do?

Your income and expenditure must balance – If you estimate your expenditure will be $24,000.00 then you must make up the additional $9,000.00 of income in other ways. This could be from your own cash contribution, other grants or in-kind contributions (such as venues and printing costs) or predicted ticket sales. Refer to our budget template for assistance if you get stuck.

Can I pay myself a performance fee out of the $15,000 and include it in the budget?

Yes, you can. Remember to be reasonable in the amount you pay yourself – you will need to justify this payment to the judges.

How often can I apply?

You can apply once annually for the award. The fellowship will be awarded once per applicant (therefore, the winner of the 2017 award is unable to apply again)

Can I include instrument costs in my budget?

Unfortunately, the award does not support the cost of purchasing any musical equipment.

I am an artist working with an agent/manager? Should I or my agent/manager be the applicant for my application?

You are the applicant of your application, but you can nominate your agent/manager to be the primary contact on your application.

Does my project have to start/finish by a specific date?

Yes, the successful applicant must complete their selected project (album or EP plus tour) within 12 months of the award being presented, i.e. 10 October, 2019. If the successful applicant fails to complete their task within the 12-month period they will be required to pay back the $15,000 prize money to Queensland Music Festival and may become ineligible for further Arts Queensland funding in the future.

Does the grant include GST?

If you have an Australian Business Number (ABN) and are registered for GST, your grant will be grossed up by 10% to cover the GST liability.

Can I apply for the award with my existing project?

No, the award will only assist a Queensland female singer-songwriter to

  1. Record an album (minimum 10 original songs) OR
  2. Record an EP (minimum 4 original songs) and undertake a tour to launch the EP with a minimum of 6 concerts, including 2 non-metropolitan Queensland concerts and 1 Brisbane concert.

Do you provide feedback if an application is unsuccessful?

Unfortunately, due to the large amount of applications we receive our judges are unable to provide specific feedback on unsuccessful applications.

My question has not been answered here – can I contact someone regarding my application?

Yes – you can email us at claward@qmf.org.au or call us on (07) 3010 6600 with questions regarding your Carol Lloyd Award application.

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