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The Carol Lloyd Award is presented to an emerging female identifying singer-songwriter, who resides in Queensland. The award includes a $15,000 grant to either record a full-length album or record and tour an EP. The grant gives recipients a head start in their career, the means to broaden their experience within the music industry, and helps them to realise their goals as an emerging artist. Applicants can submit up to three tracks of original music and supporting material.


This fellowship will be awarded to a female identifying singer-songwriter who demonstrates exceptional and unique talent in the area of music; this award is not limited by genre. The award will be valued at $15,000; any further disbursements will be the responsibility of the award recipient. All decisions made by the judges will be final. Please read this information before commencing your application. Applications deemed ineligible will not be assessed.

To be eligible applicants must:

  • be 16 years or older
  • be currently residing in Queensland  
  • only submit one application each year
  • identify as female
  • be an emerging artist (meaning you currently have master and publishing rights available)


Applicants must submit the following: 

  • MP3s and/or videos
    • Up to 3 tracks of original material.
  • Accompanying lyrics and musical score or chord chart
    • 1 song per page. Song writing credits must be included stating whether the applicant is sole or primary songwriter with relevant collaboration details.
  • A written document outlining your vision statement for the project, timeline and budget (maximum 3 pages).
    • In your vision statement, you should explain how the award will be ‘transformative’ and ‘impactful’ for your advancement as an artist.
    • A budget template is available to download here for those requiring assistance on budgeting.
  • Proof of current Queensland address e.g. Queensland Drivers’ License or recent mail (bank statement, phone bill)

Support Material

Please include the following support material with your submission:

  • Curriculum Vitae
    • This is to be a maximum of 2 pages and should include details of your musical experience and relevant achievements to date.
  • Letters of Support
    • Two letters of support from anyone working within the music industry including: music teachers, producers, music journalists, managers etc. Letters should state why they feel the applicant would benefit from the award at this time in their career, the likely outcomes and opportunities which would arise for the applicant from the award and the capacity of the applicant to make the best use of the award opportunity.

Submitting Your Application 

Queensland Music Festival will be administering the award on behalf of Arts Queensland, Hutchinson Builders and APRA AMCOS and will therefore be in charge of the application process.

All entries are to be submitted through the Carol Lloyd Award website ( All sections on the application form must be completed for your application to be assessed.

Entries open 10 October 2018. For your application to be deemed assessable you must submit in full by the closing date 11:59pm on 1 March 2019. Any late or incomplete submissions will not be accepted. If you are having trouble submitting your application or circumstances prevent you from submitting your online application, please contact Queensland Music Festival before the closing date to make alternative arrangements. Applicants are responsible for notifying Queensland Music Festival if their contact details change throughout the selection process.

Translating and Interpreting Services

Applications and support material may be submitted in any language. If you have any difficulty understanding this information and would like to talk to staff in your first language, telephone the Translating and Interpretation Service on 13 14 50 during business hours.

Successful Applicants

Queensland Music Festival will send you a request for your payment details and two copies of the funding agreement.

  • Sign and date both copies of the funding agreement
  • Return both copies with your payment details.

Queensland Music Festival will return one counter-signed copy of the funding agreement for your records.

Terms and Conditions

Queensland Music Festival will transfer $15,000 by 1 May 2019 to the nominated bank account of the recipient of the 2019 Emerging Female Singer-Songwriter Fellowship (Carol Lloyd Award).

The successful applicant must complete their selected project within 12 months of the award being presented:

  • Record an album (minimum of 10 original songs)
  • Record an EP (minimum of 4 original songs) with an accompanying 6 show tour, which must include 2 non-metropolitan Queensland concerts and 1 Brisbane concert.

The fellowship will be awarded:

  • annually in 2018 and 2019
  • once to an individual female singer-songwriter
  • once per applicant

This award does not support:

  • the cost of purchasing musical equipment
  • any costs associated with a project or program that has already commenced

Each applicant will be given 12 months from the date the award money is presented May 1 of the relevant award year) to complete the chosen task (album or EP plus tour). If you fail to complete your chosen task within the 12-month period, you will be required to pay back the $15,000 prize money to Queensland Music Festival and you may become ineligible for further Arts Queensland funding in the future.


All successful fellowship recipients will need to acknowledge Queensland Music Festival, Arts Queensland, APRA AMCOS and Hutchinson Builders support in all published material associated with the fellowship in text or logo format. For further information about the use of logos and a standard text acknowledgement please email

Proposal Variation

Fellowship funds cannot be used for any activities except those specified in your application and the program’s guidelines and letter of offer, unless a variation of the funding agreement is sought and approved in writing by Queensland Music Festival.

You should advise QMF in writing immediately if there are any changes to:

  • Timelines
  • Budget
  • Location
  • Anything else that would alter outcomes of the fellowship from your original application.

If you anticipate any possible changes, you should contact Queensland Music Festival. If you fail to obtain written approval for any changes made, you may be required to repay the award money.

Download the Carol Lloyd Award Guidelines as a PDF

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